Is your Comcast bill too high? Do you feel like the price mysteriously increases every month?

If you feel this way, you’re definitely not alone. Many Comcast customers are paying wildly different amounts for the exact same services.

The problem is that Comcast isn’t going to tell you this…because it’s one way that they make money—by keeping their customers in the dark. They give new customers the best prices, and then slowly charge their loyal, paying customers more and more money.

That’s where we can help. is an independent site that allows you to compare your bill with other customers’ billsin order to help you find out if you’re paying too much. From here on out, you don’t have to spend another day wondering if you’re being overcharged. There are many home phone and internet service providers like Verizon Fios, Century Link, Netzero and reputable satellite & cable networks like Direct TV and Huluplus – who would be more than happy to give you a great deal if you ask for it.

Be sure to check our comparisons and reviews of Comcast alternatives, in order to help you find the cheapest equivalent service, whether that’s TV, phone, internet or a bundled combination of all three.

Our goal is to provide you with the all the information you need to find out if you’re getting a fair deal from Comcast. Take some time to find out how your bill compares to other people’s bills, and find out how you can save money on your bill! Or if you’re completely fed up with the service you’ve been getting, learn from other customers the fastest way you can cancel your Comcast service and switch to something cheaper and better.

Good luck, and have fun!

-The Team

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