5 Simple Steps to Save Over 350 Bucks a Year on your Comcast Bill

That’s right. And it’s dead simple too. Our friends over at Save On My Comcast Bill outline five easy steps to get your Comcast bill lowered by $30 a month.

As highlighted in the post, here are the steps to get this done:

  1. Call Comcast customer service
  2. Get to a customer service representative
  3. Tell them you want to cancel
  4. You will then be transferred to a Customer Cancellation rep. Once there, tell them you want to cancel because the service is too expensive and you can get a better deal with one of the satellite providers. Make sure to tell them the reason for cancellation is strictly financial, and you are otherwise happy with the service.
  5. They will offer you a better rate. If for some reason they don’t, you can always say you changed your mind.

See! A few minute phone can save you over $350 a year on your Comcast Bill. That’s no small change!

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