Chord Cutters Heaven

Early adopter Chord Cutters are finally being rewarded with mainstream providers like HBO planning to launch major packages exclusively for Internet during 2015. The momentum for streaming Internet content is being driven by the upsurge in mobile usage and the users desire to watch quality production where and when they want without the dreaded umbilical like cable connection. It is expected that 2015 will be the turning point where the content distribution model for the major providers will include streaming Internet product as standard and opens the door for “chord-less” global distribution outside the syndicated cable model. Although HBO has not released pricing as yet, it is expected that the reach and potential take-up of this and similar offerings from competitors will keep prices low.

There is some evidence that the chord cutter practice of sourcing and streaming selected content over the Internet is making a dent in the take-up of standard cable services so do not be surprised if Comcast and others come to the party with their own internet offerings – after all you can only swim against the tide for so long and it will make commercial sense to them to increase their reach while lowering their distribution costs.

It is also expected that as the requests roll in to cancel Comcast cable – the advantages of offering a second tier, cheaper product with no connection costs will prove too tempting. If you have been longing to cut the cable with Comcast just remember to be nice as you could be watching your favourite cable shows via the Internet sooner than you may think!

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