Comcast is a Monster

Here’s a comment we just got about how horrible Comcast is:

Allow me to share my Comcast tale with you.

I called in on the 6th of September, cancelled, had TDS put in, then found out today they have no record of me calling in and I’m still being charged for cable and internet. They said I only cut off my phone with them. I now see why people take guns into places and shoot up the building. Comcast is a monster and I hate everything about them down to the automated voice recordings. If I could wage war against them without being arrested, I would. I’d love to release a disease covered rodent into all it’s buildings. I’d love to find out the owners address and continue to send him invoices for NOTHING, and turn in his credit when he doesnt pay them. If I was rich, I’d buy Comcast, just so I could run it into the ground. With every fiber of my being, I hope they go under due to the stupidity of their employees.

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