Do Bill Analyzers Work?

How much extra money do you have lying around? Enough just to throw away for no good reason?

If you’re like most of us, in these financially troubled times, there isn’t a lot of money to just be throwing away. Well, that’s exactly what one columnist at CNN realized he was doing on his phone, television and internet services by not paying attention to what he was being charged.

Farhad Manjoo explains in his article, Can online ‘bill analyzers’ really cut your expenses? just how ignorant he was when he discovered he was paying $200 too much on his auto insurance and $500 a year too much on his cell phone bill ($500!).

Manjoo asks himself, “Why am I wasting so much money? Because I don’t know my options.”

That is exactly what we want to help end. At we want to democratize bill paying by opening the doors on bill secrecy.

So, how can you analyze your Comcast bill? Easy. Compare your Comcast bill with others and see exactly how much extra you’re paying.

Send us your Comcast bill and we’ll analyze how much extra you’re paying.

Start paying attention to how much your Comcast bill changes from month to month and stop throwing your money away!

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