Drop Comcast and Get FiOS

FiOSThe best way to lower your Comcast bill is to cut the service. For a long time, Comcast has pretty much ruled the roost as a monopoly.

However, I keep hearing more and more about the new FiOS. The feedback? Not only is it better than Comcast, it appears to be A LOT better.

For example, there’s this guy

FiOS, every bit as amazing as I thought it would be! Goodbye #comcast, totally worth the switch!

Or, this guy whose bill is $50 cheaper with FiOS then when he was with Comcast,

love that my first FIOS bill arrived today and it’s $50 cheaper than my old Comcast bill!

And, his friend’s response, who says it would save him about $40 a month,

@gjhead I just took a look at packages and it looks like it would cut about $40 off my comcast bill a month…#hereIcomefios

But this is probably one of my favorites. Simple, direct, perfect,

Goodbye comcast hello fios

Check out FiOS by Verizon here. You’ll see they have plans cheaper than Comcast does, which is sure to save you money on your Comcast Bill.

So, stop paying more than you need to, for a service you no longer need. Get FiOS and drop Comcast. Plus, their ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Where does that leave Comcast? I don’t care! We just know it’s not number one!

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