IPTV Providers Battle For Cable Subscribers

The single biggest change in the history of television is happening right now with the convergence of internet and television finally putting you, the viewer, in the box seat with more choice and serious savings over current cable offerings. Japan and Asia are leading the charge with 40% of subscribers expected to adopt internet based television (WWITV) as their primary source by 2015. The US is not far behind with Netflix, Hulu, Apple and Google TV already attracting thousands of subscribers fleeing the high costs of cable and searching for new content.

As we all feel the pain of rapidly rising cable costs, especially from Comcast who tend to be at the higher end of the scale, industry experts expect prices to rise even further as cancellations increase and providers attempt to maintain revenues. This could be a good time to see if you can cut the cable and still have a great viewing experience with Internet Protocol Television or IPTV.

Internet television manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and LG are busy doing content deals from Hollywood to Bollywood and together with Disney, BBC, ABC and many others we are looking at tens of thousands of options when it comes to your viewing pleasure. A combination of free content and paid premium content like sport is available with smaller private content aggregators keen to get in on the act with more specialised and ethnic programming.

Unlike Cable TV which is sold and delivered in packages, IPTV allows you to target and pay (unless they are free of course) for specific programs so you get the cream of the crop without the duds. TV through Internet looks like the future but you will need a fast internet connection so it may not be suitable for everyone. Here is a list of just a few of the major players in IPTV in no particular order;

ABC – iview targeted at mobile platforms like tablets and smart-phones for Media to go.


BBC – iplayer

Samsung – Internet TV

LG – Internet TV

Sony – Internet TV

Google TV

Fetch TV


Apple TV

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