It Takes the City to Spark Change

So, it seems the only way for Comcast customers to be heard is not, as we hear time and time again, to call the customer service helpdesk, but to get the whole town involved! Savannah City Manager Rochelle Small-Toney and Alderman Tony Thomas are holding townhall meetings to hear the complaints raised by Comcast customers.

In mid-December, city officials asked residents to call the 311 help line with Comcast issues. Nearly 200 people called. Thomas says he received about 100 phone calls, too.

“We think this is a small percentage of people having problems,” said Bret Bell, the city’s director of public information.”

The hope is not to control the service but to bring other competitors into the downtown area.

Small-Toney also advised Comcast officials at a meeting Wednesday she was authorizing a request for proposals to see whether other franchises, including AT&T and Hargray, would provide services downtown. Comcast provides service only to a few isolated businesses north of Broughton Street, including City Hall, city officials said.

There’s something to be said about requiring the whole town to get involved in order to create change. Community involvement is great, but not when those involved are being held in a stranglehold by the only service provider in the area.

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