Live in Washington? Your Comcast Bill is About to Go Up

TechFlashTechFlash is reporting that Comcast customers in Washington state are about to see a big increase on the Comcast Bill. They say that in August, the average customer’s bill will increase by 4%. For those of you paying too much already, maybe now’s the time to drop the service.

This latest rounds of price increases comes less than a year after their last increase. In September of 2009, Comcast increased their price by 2.5%.

Here are the details TechFlash is reporting from Comocast:

–Customers who subscribe to a video service will see an average monthly increase of $3.21 or 4.9 percent.

–The equipment rental fee for a cable modem, which also is sold at numerous retail stores, will increase by $2.

–Customers who subscribe to Limited Basic, the least expensive package of channels, will see no increase in their bills for this service. Limited Basic includes the broadcast channels and the public, education and government channels. Prices range from $13 to $18 depending on location.

–And customers who subscribe to the Digital Economy package of channels, which is the least costly digital package, will see a decrease in the monthly charge for the package ranging from 4 cents a month if they subscribe to two or more Comcast services to $10.04 a month if they subscribe only to the Digital Economy package and take no other services.

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