Lower Your Comcast Bill by $7 (or more) Without Negotiating!

Most people don’t realize this, but it’s pretty easy to cut $7 or more off of your Comcast bill without spending a second haggling with customer service! How, you ask? Let us explain…

Many Comcast customers rent equipment from Comcast such as cable modems, routers, and other equipment. Comcast charges a monthly premium to rent this equipment, usually in excess of $7. For example, a ComcastBills.com reader who contacted us has been paying this same $7 amount each month (for over 3 years) to rent a cable modem. Think about that…over 3 years, that’s a total of $252, just to RENT a modem.

After doing a quick search on eBay, he realized that he could purchase the exact same model of modem he was renting (Arris TM502G – in used but excellent condition) for $21.99, with shipping included. When you do the math, after 3 months the modem is essentially “paid off” and you’ve got nothing but savings—bill after bill. In order to complete this process, he simply bought the modem on eBay, swapped it out with his, called Comcast and had them activate it, and returned the old equipment back to Comcast. Voila! Nothing but savings after that.

So, to review, here’s how you can get rid of your Comcast rental equipment and start saving:

1) Look for the brand and model numbers of any modems, routers, and other equipment that Comcast is charging you a rental fee for.

2) Search on sites like eBay and Craigslist for the same equipment. In most cases, used equipment will be priced the lowest and yield the most savings. Just make sure that you factor in how many months it would take you recoup the investment in the equipment—3 months or less is best.

3) Buy the equipment and wait for it to arrive.

4) Unplug your old equipment and hook up the new equipment.

5) Call Comcast (1-800-XFINITY / 1-800-934-6489) or chat with a technician online and have them activate your new equipment. If you have a new cable modem, you’ll need to speak with Comcast tech support and go through a short process that involves reading them a few serial numbers and other information.

6) Return the old equipment to Comcast.

7) Enjoy the savings month-after-month.

That’s all you need to do to get rid of monthly charges like these:

It may be hard to believe, but it’s really that easy to reduce your Comcast bill without negotiating. Most people don’t realize how much the monthly equipment rental charges add up to be after a few months. You can easily purchase good quality, used equipment for only a few months worth of rental charges, and stop paying rental fees!

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