Although it’s tempting to pay a Comcast bill each month without reading it closely, this could be costing you big money.  Comcast is well known for trying to slip price increases through unannounced and unless you check the latest price of Comcast on your bill, you are setting yourself up for major BILL SHOCK further down the track.

Last month, one of our readers wrote us to let us know about the increase in Comcast’s Service Protection Plan fee from 2.49 to 3.99. No one alerted him to this increase; he randomly spotted it when he noticed his bill seemed to be slightly higher. Although a $1.50 doesn’t sound like a lot, it’s nearly a 50% increase on the fee—and everything adds up. This fee had been raised for over three months, but he didn’t notice it until recently.

A brief explanation of the Service Protection Plan: basically, Comcast won’t come to your house and work on much of anything for free. They’ll come out to do simple tests, but they will charge you for repairing or troubleshooting most things; even the cable lines that THEY own. Sound fair? Well, most people we’ve talked to don’t think so. Many people feel like it’s essentially a way to obtain more money in fees, and a lot of our readers are upset by that. So the question is: is it worth it? That depends. The same reader who told us about the fee increase has never had to have anything repaired, but he said that he “feels better” paying the small fee each month knowing that he wouldn’t potentially get hit with a larger service charge in the event of a repair. Other readers choose to save the $4 each month and take their chances. Comcast’s service seems pretty reliable in most parts of the country, so it’s really a personal call as to whether it’s worth it to pay that fee. Most  people feel like when they pay a Comcast bill it should include any repairs to their own network and should be included in the price of Comcast services that they already pay. Unfortunately, Comcast see it differently.

The most important thing to take away from this is that you need to make sure that you read your bill every month, so you’re actually aware of the small charges you’re continually paying. Then you’ll be aware of whether or not these fees are increasing or decreasing. Remember, it’s easy to be complacent and not check your bill regularly, but there’s a cost associated with that in the long run. Those little fees add up over time, and by choosing to be oblivious, you may be paying for services that you don’t need or want. For more tips on reducing your Comcast bill, feel free to read through our site and check out our tips, tricks like how too lower your Comcast bill by 7 or more dollars without negotiating. You can also visit our compare your bill page to see how your bill stacks up against other people’s bills.

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