Same Comcast Bill, Different Price

April & May Comcast Bills Here’s a Comcast bill we just received from one of our readers. Take a look (click on the image to see larger). This is from the same customer from two different months – April and May 2010. Notice anything different? You got it! Different prices, for the same service.

What’s the deal? How can it be that over the course of a month the price changes? What’s worse, there was no warning or reason!

Sure, it’s only a couple dollars, but that’s not really the point. The point is that a couple dollars increase on your Comcast bill this month, will be a couple dollars increase from that price on your next month’s Comcast bill.

Want to help us expose the shady practices? Send us your Comcast bill and you might see it highlighted here!

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2 Responses to “Same Comcast Bill, Different Price”

  1. Comcastcares says:

    Thank you for the feedback regarding pricing. In reference to differences in bills, these can vary for many reasons, usually changes in promotional rate. For this example, it is most likely easier to explain but without the details I can only speculate. If you review you will note the only difference is within the voice service. The diffence is about $6. This is most likely due to long distance charges (I.e. International calls) or operator assistance. Based on all the services with that service, that price for Comcast Digital Voice is much less than the same services from the telco provider.

    Frank Eliason

  2. admin says:

    Hardly. It was the same bill but with different prices.

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