Comcast Would Rather Lose a Customer than Give a Deal

comcastThe Consumerist (one of our favorite sites which helps consumers navigate the wide world of goods and services for sale) reports on one Comcast customer who says she’s about ready to cancel her Comcast service because they’re not willing to cut her a break on her bill.

Usually, Comcast folds like a deck of cards when customer asks for a deal. Not this time though. After a back and forth with Comcast, Courtney gets the short end of the stick, even though she loves Comcast. Seems like even their biggest fans still get the worst deals.

Courtney over at the Consumerist tells her story:

I’ve been a Comcast customer at my current address since June 2008. We were initially on a new-customer promotion that ended in June 2009; once that happened, I called Comcast & spoke with a representative about our options for bringing our monthly bill down a bit. I don’t remember the specifics of the conversation a year later, but I believe we gave up a few premium channels, ultimately ending up with a package that served our needs while remaining within our budget.

I hadn’t even thought about this until several days ago, when I went to pay our monthly Comcast bill & noticed it had gone up by about $20 from the previous month. I assumed it was some kind of easily correctable error, but when I followed up with Comcast I learned that apparently we’d been on some kind of promotional rate for June 2009-10, which has now expired. I discussed this issue first with an online chat representative, & while I was disappointed when he told me nothing could be done about the price increase, I figured I’d have better luck once I spoke with someone in person. However, after following up via phone with a frontline service representative, a retention specialist, & finally with a retention supervisor, the consensus seems to be that Comcast would rather I switch to RCN’s version of the same package than restore my account to the previous pricing.

Read the full post over at the Consumerist.

The best line of the post? From the Consumerist writer:  “We seem to have found the first truly satisfied Comcast customer and they’re kicking her out the door.” (emphasis added)

How to Save 44% on your Comcast Bill – Chat Transcript

Here’s a good one – a full chat transcript a customer had with the Comcast Customer support. Blogger Darwin over at posts his entire chat conversation he had with Comcast to lower his bill.

The main idea is that you can get a better deal than you currently are. Comcast is always (always!) having special discounts. What does this mean? The price of their actual service isn’t worth as much as they charge!

It’s simple math. They give discounts out left and right and make the suckers without the discount pay for those who have the discount. Don’t be a sucker, get a discount!

From the article on

As you can see, each negotiating experience and outcome is different.  Message?  It sort of depends who you get and when you try. So, if you don’t get the deal you wanted, keep trying and don’t take no for an answer.  But the bottom line is that if your initial bill is say, $160 you may very well walk away paying $50 less with some minimal effort.

That’s good news!

Here’s part of the conversation:

Comcast Rep>Thank you. May I have the exact concern that you have, — ME –?

– ME –_>Sure. I’m reaching out because the 6 months is up on the prior agreed promotions and I was advised to contact again when this occurs.  My bill jumped up substantially.

– ME –_>I had previously considered switching over to FIOS given the attractive offers they have now that they’ve entered our neighborhood.  The past few 6 month cycles, Comcast has discounted my bill in order to retain my business.

Comcast Rep>May I know when was the promotion ended?

– ME –_>from last month’s bill, it was to end 12/28/09.

Comcast Rep>I see. Please give me a moment to check on this.

– ME –_>sure

Comcast Rep>I apologize for the inconvenience, I see here that the bill that you are viewing will from 12/29 – 01/28. Comcast actually printed the bill in advance to avoid delinquent payment. That payment that is reflected on your bill will be the regular rate after your promotion will end on 12/28/09.

– ME –_>I’m not sure I follow.  My last bill was much lower.  In discussing this with Comcast in the past, each 6 months, I call and have a new promotion (whatever’s available at the time) applied to the account in order to bring the price well below the “regular rate”.  I was assured during prior calls that this agreement would continue to be honored into the future if I agreed to stay on as a customer.  Can you check out which promotions you’re running now that you could apply to bring the total bill back in line? Thanks

Comcast Rep>Please give me a moment to check on that.

Read the full conversation here.

How To Cancel Comcast Service

Tired of paying too much on your Comcast Bill? We know a lot of you are because one of our biggest search terms to find this site is “How to cancel Comcast service.” In order to cancel your Comcast service, you have to get in contact with them. Of course they make it a pain to cancel, but this appears to be the only way.

Cancellation Checklist

Before you push the button and cancel Comcast, there are a couple of things that can make the whole process much easier. Just like you, thousands of visitors to this site have also cancelled Comcast and now you can benefit from their experiences- both good and bad.

(1) Make sure you have your latest Comcast bill handy and can easily quote your account/customer number and the name of your plan. preparation is the key.

(2) Check to make sure you’re contract has expired and you can cancel without penalty.

(3) Check the whereabouts and condition of any equipment (including cords and leads) and have packaging ready to keep everything together.Reasonable wear & tear should be OK.

(4) Satisfy yourself that you have the very best replacement service at the cheapest possible price. Now is your chance to get the best deal as new customers are treated like gold by service providers with deep discounts and attractive incentives being offered.

Visitors to this site have received great deals with savings in excess of $35.00 per month from Verizon Vios with Dish Networks and Direct TV also being popular for cable.

CLICK HERE to see the best deals and compare savings over Comcast. Take a few minutes to see all the Comcast alternative offers in one place with this easy to read COST COMPARISON CHART.

(5) Try to organize installation of your new service before cancelling Comcast to ensure continuity of service. It may be possible to ask Comcast to terminate your service on an agreed date but be aware that they usually require the return of their equipment before finalizing and closing your account. Most of our visitors experience difficulties in this area so be prepared to go without service for a few days.

(6) If  you are like most of our visitors. you’re probably angry as hell with Comcast but try not to upset customer service  to much and just get the job done.  Some visitors to this website also  report being offered attractive discounts to stay with Comcast, so be prepared.


There are a few different ways to go about contacting Comcast:

  1. Ask Comcast – You can enter your question into their online Q&A tool.
  2. Live Chat – Use Comcast Live Chat to speak with a representative via instant messaging chat
  3. Ask the Comcast Community – Try and find answers in the online forums
  4. Email Comcast - Just send an email
  5. Phone - Give them a call: 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).

Good luck with your search for a better service provider.

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