Drop Comcast and Get FiOS

FiOSThe best way to lower your Comcast bill is to cut the service. For a long time, Comcast has pretty much ruled the roost as a monopoly.

However, I keep hearing more and more about the new FiOS. The feedback? Not only is it better than Comcast, it appears to be A LOT better.

For example, there’s this guy

FiOS, every bit as amazing as I thought it would be! Goodbye #comcast, totally worth the switch!

Or, this guy whose bill is $50 cheaper with FiOS then when he was with Comcast,

love that my first FIOS bill arrived today and it’s $50 cheaper than my old Comcast bill!

And, his friend’s response, who says it would save him about $40 a month,

@gjhead I just took a look at packages and it looks like it would cut about $40 off my comcast bill a month…#hereIcomefios

But this is probably one of my favorites. Simple, direct, perfect,

Goodbye comcast hello fios

Check out FiOS by Verizon here. You’ll see they have plans cheaper than Comcast does, which is sure to save you money on your Comcast Bill.

So, stop paying more than you need to, for a service you no longer need. Get FiOS and drop Comcast. Plus, their ranked #1 in customer satisfaction. Where does that leave Comcast? I don’t care! We just know it’s not number one!

Do Bill Analyzers Work?

How much extra money do you have lying around? Enough just to throw away for no good reason?

If you’re like most of us, in these financially troubled times, there isn’t a lot of money to just be throwing away. Well, that’s exactly what one columnist at CNN realized he was doing on his phone, television and internet services by not paying attention to what he was being charged.

Farhad Manjoo explains in his article, Can online ‘bill analyzers’ really cut your expenses? just how ignorant he was when he discovered he was paying $200 too much on his auto insurance and $500 a year too much on his cell phone bill ($500!).

Manjoo asks himself, “Why am I wasting so much money? Because I don’t know my options.”

That is exactly what we want to help end. At ComcastBills.com we want to democratize bill paying by opening the doors on bill secrecy.

So, how can you analyze your Comcast bill? Easy. Compare your Comcast bill with others and see exactly how much extra you’re paying.

Send us your Comcast bill and we’ll analyze how much extra you’re paying.

Start paying attention to how much your Comcast bill changes from month to month and stop throwing your money away!

Nine Reasons I Hate Comcast

Frustrated by Comcast? I’m sure I’m not the only one. In fact, I know I’m not.

I found this buzz the other day by one user who says “Oh god, I hate Comcast. I haven’t yet even signed up with them again, and I already hate them.”

After browsing through Comcast.com, he comes to several conclusions as to why he hates Comcast.

The big idea? Comcast bill price differences resulting in bill variance!

When will Comcast realize we all know they charge different prices to different customers. Even some of his responders point this out.

His reasons:

* Various parts of the site describe the same option with different specs. For instance, one page says “Performance with PowerBoost” is 12Mbps down while another says it’s 15Mbps down.

* But I have a paper brochure here that says the non-cable-customer pricing for speed half of what we currently get with AT&T is $58 / month. We currently pay $40 for twice the bandwidth with AT&T.

* Comcast basic cable in the bay area is identical to what you can get with an antenna, plus the Discovery Channel. Since it costs $16.80 / month, you are therefore basically paying $16.80 each month for Discovery Channel.

* They have special 6-month teaser rates with the actual copasetic pricing listed in a tiiiiiiny little font. They do do full pricing disclosure right on the page, but you can tell they only do it because the regulators are forcing them.

Read the full post on Google Buzz.

Unveil Bill Secrecy with ComcastBills Bill Compare

Unveil Bill SecrecyIn these difficult financial times, we all need to save money however possible.

It’s no secret that phone companies have flexible pricing. We sign up at one price only to realize 6 months later our bill has increased. It’s arbitrary. They know it. And we know it too.

However, even though the pricing models of major phone and internet companies are no big secret, it’s a mystery to me as to why so few people care. What if you knew that your neighbor down the street was paying less than you for the exact same service? Would you do something then? The truth is, this happens every day!

But now you can take your phone bill into your own hands and unveil bill secrecy. Why should one customer pay more for the same service? Only because they may not be savvy enough to know? Well, it’s time for the democratization of Comcast bill paying.

With ComcastBills.com you can now see what other customers are paying for their service so you can see how your bill compares!

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