TechCrunch Reports FCC to Crack Down on “Bill Shock”

TechCrunch reported today that the FCC is going to be cracking down on what it calls “Bill Shock” – that surprised feeling you get when you open your unknowingly high bill.

You can read the full article here.

The story reports that phone companies will need to let the customer know when high charges should be expected., before getting the bill. Joel Gurin, FCC Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau says, “We are hearing from consumers about unpleasant surprises on their bills.” And calls it an “avoidable problem.”

How to avoid it? More transparency between phone companies and consumers (their customers!). Seems fair.

Ideas on how to lower your phone bill is what we’re all about at, so we’re excited consumers will stop getting the short end of the stick on their Comcast phone bill.

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