Unveil Bill Secrecy with ComcastBills Bill Compare

Unveil Bill SecrecyIn these difficult financial times, we all need to save money however possible.

It’s no secret that phone companies have flexible pricing. We sign up at one price only to realize 6 months later our bill has increased. It’s arbitrary. They know it. And we know it too.

However, even though the pricing models of major phone and internet companies are no big secret, it’s a mystery to me as to why so few people care. What if you knew that your neighbor down the street was paying less than you for the exact same service? Would you do something then? The truth is, this happens every day!

But now you can take your phone bill into your own hands and unveil bill secrecy. Why should one customer pay more for the same service? Only because they may not be savvy enough to know? Well, it’s time for the democratization of Comcast bill paying.

With ComcastBills.com you can now see what other customers are paying for their service so you can see how your bill compares!

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